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There is nothing better than a properly working gadget, right? But in order for your device to work like the first day of purchase, he needs special care. Of course, you need to wipe the dust from the computer and clean the keyboard from pieces of dirt, but this is not about external cleaning, but internal.

But this does not mean that you need to wash the system unit once a week with a wet rag. For internal cleaning, you will need a special program, because we will clean the operating system.

There is a special memory cleaner for Windows 10, which in a few minutes will improve the performance of your computer or laptop. Sounds like a miracle? Not at all.

Such a program is an excellent tool for cleaning the Windows registry. This will delete any unused or damaged files. Such a utility is characterized by extremely high rates of cleaning speed, it will quickly conduct a preliminary analysis of your system and provide an appropriate list with detailed information about the usefulness of a particular software located on your computer.

In many such applications, it is also possible to configure the automatic launch mode of the program for cleaning garbage. It is noteworthy that all changes made during the automatic search and removal of system problems can be undone, because the application backs up the registry. It is worth noting that there are also paid versions of such applications, but that list of functions is necessary for professional PC users.

Key features of this kind of applications can be enumerated endlessly. This is a quick and high-quality cleaning of the Windows registry, checking for outdated as well as corrupted data; cleaning the Windows registry in manual and automatic mode; defragmentation, registry compression, cleaning of erroneous entries to speed up applications; and even optimizing and improving productivity by fine-tuning your computer’s OS. You will receive all these functions by installing one application.

Using such a utility improves OS performance indicators, while taking up very little space in the system’s memory, which makes such a program as useful and effective as possible. Manual and automatic operation makes this program useful for experienced PC users, as well as for those who use a computer only for working with simple applications.

Such Windows cleaner machine will clean the registry from errors and conduct other types of system optimization that are not directly related to the registry. In addition to fixing errors, the program will help improve PC performance in general. Such a program creates a backup copy of the registry and a recovery point after the first run, and only then scans the registry, so if you worry about the safety of important files, you can always restore them.

This tool divides the found damaged entries into categories, marks those that need to be restored. In addition to cleaning, the program offers tuning of all key components of Windows in a semi-automatic mode – you remove unnecessary checkmarks yourself.

This utility is very easy to use, it can also be configured to optimize according to the calendar, which makes it indispensable for any PC user.

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