Windows 7 registry cleaner


When working with a computer, you must ensure that no unnecessary files remain in the system that will slow down the process. This can be done manually, tracking new files after each use of extraneous programs on the computer. But this process can be made much simpler using special programs.

This can be Windows 10 cleaner tool for removing trial versions of programs or low-quality software. Such a program analyzes the actions of users around the world and on the basis of this distributes applications into three categories – unnecessary software, relatively useful applications and new programs. You can call the standard uninstaller directly from the utility interface and get rid of unnecessary applications in a standard way. Such programs often support batch removal and the ability to create recovery points.

There are also programs that can scan and clean the registry of idle keys. Such an application allows you to select a specific piece of the registry for analysis and create a backup copy of it. Such features are also often found in simple applications for cleaning junk files from disks. Such a program will help get rid of unnecessary system objects, “historical” data of browsers, as well as residues from multimedia and other applications that were previously deleted.

Such Windows advanced cleaner provides two degrees of analysis – “fast” and “deep”. In the first case, scanning is performed much faster, but with careful diagnosis, the program finds a larger number of unused objects. Note the presence of a built-in disk defragmenter. The application does not require financial investments from the user. In many of these programs, free fees are integrated banner ads.

There are also highly specialized applications for analyzing the computer registry. All analyzed areas in the program are divided into two categories – standard and additional keys, in them the user himself marks the necessary data with the help of “ticks”. If desired, you can scan the operating system for links to inactive optical or removable media.

Such a multifunctional optimizer, consisting of a registry cleaner, an integrated key defragmenter, tools to find problems in the operating system will be an excellent assistant for any PC user. At the request of the user, you can choose one of three degrees of analysis depth. Most of the features of such a utility are available for free. To access the option to change hidden system settings and activate the reporting function, you need to purchase a license.

Such free Windows 7 registry cleaner may also be designed to serve the registry. With it, you can clear unnecessary keys, defragment entries, and change the list of programs that automatically start with Windows.

Install a registry cleaner with a convenient step-by-step interface to keep your computer clean. Such an application allows you to analyze all the keys or set a specific area for scanning. As in most other utilities, such a program has the function of creating backup recovery points, which can be automatically deleted after a selected period. Such programs are usually translated into several languages ​​so that each user can use this utility.

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